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Featuring our Animal of the Month

Each month I’m featuring one of our client’s ESA or Psychiatric Service Animal.

December’s Animal of the Month is “Holly”


Not only is Holly our December Animal of the month, but Holly was also born in December. She loves the month of December since she visits family and friends all month; sometimes flying for several hours with her human companion; but always glad to arrive to share the holiday cheer, taste cookies and pies, and to get more toys.

November’s Animal of the Month is “Charlie”

“I am thankful for my best friend. We love being outdoors on beautiful days and just chilling out listening to music or watching tv when it’s raining.” -Charlie


October’s Animal of the Month is “Trixie”

“I love treats. I love taking care of my human. He needs to be walked frequently.” -Trixie


September’s Animal of the Month is “Flicka”

Flicka loves to romp in the fields and especially enjoys sugar cubes and apples. And, he loves cuddling with his owner.


Return to this page each month to see the many unique animals who loyally serve their owners.

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